The Houseshare : Uplifting summer fiction about love, and friendship and secrets between neighbours by Fiona O'Brien

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One of the smartest writers of popular fiction around' Irish IndependentNumber 24 Ulysses Crescent is an elegant three-storey mansion overlooking the beautiful Dublin Bay. Converted into luxurious seaview apartments, it's now home to a close-knit group of tenants. There's former style icon Evelyn; enigmatic sculptor Mike; hopeless romantic and cafe-owner Nessa; and Bruce and Stella, recently separated and now co-parenting their toddler from separate flats. Then there's Morah, the caretaker, who keeps a watchful eye on everyone - especially, for reasons only known to herself, the irrepressible Evelyn. When Evelyn's granddaughter Truth, a high-flying London lawyer, arrives for the summer, the residents are eager to get to know her - some more than others. But as the summer progresses, it turns out that Truth is hiding a secret and she's not the only one . . .
Binding: Paperback / softback

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