A Stranger in Your Own City : Travels in the Middle East's Long War by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

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SELECTED BY THE FINANCIAL TIMES AND DAUNTS BOOKS AS A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR 2023ONE OF PROSPECT'S POLITICS & REPORTAGE BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2023SHORTLISTED FOR EDWARD STANFORD TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR'Exquisite . . . A genuine, melancholy masterpiece' WILLIAM DALRYMPLE'A journalistic marvel' JAMES MEEK'A powerful, unforgettable book' NADIFA MOHAMMEDFrom Orwell Prize winning journalist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad comes a searing and nuanced biography of a lost IraqThis is the story of a people who once lived under the rule of a megalomaniac leader who shaped the state in his own image. Then one day, after yet another war, a foreign army invaded, toppled the leader, destroyed the state, and proceeded to invent a new country. This is the story of a people who watched with horror as their world fragmented into a hundred different cities, as walls rose between them and bodies piled in the streets. From the American invasion to the Arab Spring, ISIS and beyond, A Stranger in Your Own City offers a remarkable de-centring of the West in the history and contemporary situation of the region. What comes to the fore is the effect on the ground: the human cost, the shifting allegiances, the generational change. 'Shatters western assumptions . . . and offers cautious hope' The Observer'Haunting' Financial Times
Binding: Hardback

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