A Rose and a Promise : The brand new emotional and heartwarming historical romance from the Sunday Times bestselling author by Katie Flynn

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Liverpool, 1944Though they may be posted miles apart, Cadi and Jez's love for one another is stronger than ever - until Cadi receives a heart-breaking call from Jez's base. Cadi races to be with her beau and. at his bedside, they make each other a promise that Cadi hopes she'll never have to keep. In her darkest hour, Cadi is comforted by her friends, and with their support and guidance she begins to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But she will face more than one unexpected turn along the way. Against the odds, will Cadi be able to keep her word?____________________WHY READERS LOVE KATIE FLYNN:'Takes you on a journey of heartbreak and joy''Hard to put down''Her characters are like old friends''Heartwarming romance'
Binding: Hardback

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