The Family Retreat : 'Few psychological thrillers ring so true.' The Sunday Times Crime Club Star Pick by Bev Thomas

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Beautifully written, emotionally intelligent.' Daily Mail'What separates Thomas' writing from your average domestic drama is its compelling persuasiveness.' StylistONE PERFECT HOLIDAY. ONE SHOCKING ENDING. After a stressful year at work, GP Jess decides the family needs a seaside holiday. This idyllic Dorset cottage might just be the perfect escape. But when the neighbour hints at a dire predicament, Jess puts the idea of sun-kissed, sandy bliss on hold. Like a door nudged ajar, the lure of solving someone's problems invites her in. Fuelled by a heady rush of altruism, she decides to act - a choice that will have unforgettable, potentially devastating consequences. Readers are gripped by The Family Retreat:***** 'What a fantastic read. I could not put it down!' ***** 'A fantastic twist. . . I was completely hooked.'***** 'The plot was riveting.' ***** 'An absolutely perfect summer read. I honestly couldn't put it down.' ***** 'Read it on the beach, in the bar, en route to the airport, even in the queues at check in & passport control!'
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