Islanders by Cathy Thomas

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A beautiful and darkly funny book of linked stories covering two decades in the lives of a group of people on the island of Guernsey' Belfast TelegraphAnnie needs to lose her virginity, so she's waiting in a car park for Paul. Paul needs drugs for the party, but he's got to keep an eye on his sister, Josie. Josie needs a father figure. Or that's how it seems to her driving instructor, Neil. Eva needs to get away from the island. She could do without bumping into the school bully, Kat. Claire needs to drink herself into the mood for the hen do. But she's been betrayed by her childhood friend, Becky. And she can't stop thinking about what's happened to her sister, Kat... 'Riotously human and authentic' NIAMH CAMPBELL'Wonderful, vivid, bittersweet' SARA BAUME'Gritty, dark and joyful' MICHELLE GALLEN'Immensely readable, full of pathos' BARNEY NORRIS'Sticky, sensory, intoxicating' SUSANNAH DICKEY
Binding: Paperback / softback

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