Everything the Light Touches by Janice Pariat

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A novel like none other' AMITAV GHOSH 'A masterpiece' AVNI DOSHI 'Wise, funny, touching' ROBERT MACFARLANE Four lives, uniquely linked, in a story that journeys across continents and centuries... For Shai, lost and drifting, a visit to her hometown in India's Northeast offers the possibility of new ways of living. For Evelyn, a Cambridge student, scientific inspiration guides her to the forests of the lower Himalayas and a world she has only read about. For Johann, a German writer, travelling through Italy inspires him to develop ground-breaking ideas that will cement his place in history. And for a young Swede, an unwavering curiosity for Earth's natural wonders takes him on an expedition that will forever alter the way we understand the world around us. A multi-layered literary saga bringing together people and places that seem, at first, far removed, Everything the Light Touches is a marvellous exploration of our ways of seeing, told through the eyes of four unexpectedly intertwined people.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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