Ginger and Me by Elissa Soave

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?_~Funny, touching and wise, I loved it?_T Kit de Waal, bestselling author of My Name Is Leon Wendy is lonely, misunderstood but coping. After her mum died, all she wants is to drive the 255 bus around Uddingston with her regulars on board, remember to buy milk when it runs out and just to be okay. But with the encouragement of her social worker, Wendy is ready to step out of her comfort zone and meet new people. Although as her carefully planned routine begins to change, Wendy wonders if things were easier before she met new best friend, Ginger. Because Ginger is hiding something and it?_Ts about to get them into a lot of trouble?_? ?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_"?_" Your favourite authors love Elissa Soave ?_~Vivid, funny, sad, thought-provoking, acutely observed and full of compassion?_T Helen Sedgwick ?_~A debut novel to treasure, by turns funny, dark and heartbreaking and I didn?_Tt want it to end!?_T Louise Mumford ?_~A fascinating and poignant take on friendship and obsession?_T Caron McKinlay ?_~Startling, sly and full of suspense. Not your ordinary coming of age novel?_T Catherine Mayer ?_~Full of charm, insight and wit ?_" with the power to break your heart?_T C. E. Riley
Binding: Paperback / softback

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