Isidro Ferrer: About Nothing by Miguel Angel Perez Arteaga

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Isidro Ferrer is a multi-award-winning graphic designer andillustrator whose work includes illustration books, theaterposters, large-scale murals, animated shorts, sculptures, textiles,brand images and lamps. With a background in theater, he usesa variety of media, techniques and communication channels totransform his clients' ideas into powerful yet subtle images. In About Nothing, readers will find examples of his extensivework, both the most recognizable and also the most unknown,as the author explores the personality and creative processesof this multifaceted artist, sharing Ferrer's thinking, ideas andunderstanding of why design matters and what it means tobe a designer and an illustrator. The book portrays the artist'svision of his work as a creator, visions of his studio, excerptsfrom his notebooks, autobiographical texts and a whole treasuretrove of illustrations and designs that are largely unpublishedor made especially for this book. As a result of this wealth oftext and images, we are introduced to the personal philosophy,techniques, experiences, aesthetics, poetics and influences thatinform the work of Isidro Ferrer, with numerous examples ofhow the art of creative thinking is developed, cultivated, honedand, ultimately, transformed into beautiful objects.
Binding: Hardback

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