Riso Art: A Creative's Guide to Mastering Risography by Jay Lim

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In recent years, risography has captured the attention ofprinters and artists, especially in independent and selfpublishingcircles, given the technical and visual qualitiesit offers. Vivid spot colors, warm finishes and occasionalimperfections in uniformity and register are some of theseattractive features. The book begins by giving readers a briefhistory of the Risograph while outlining the basic principlesof the printing process, teaching them artistic printingtechniques that will allow them to print with brighter, moreexpressive colors. With profiles of notable printers, examplesof printed products and works from contributing print shopsand information about design studios and artists from aroundthe world, the book will broaden readers' printing horizons andillustrate the extensive variety of possibilities offered by thisrelatively easy-to-use and fascinating technique.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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