New Fashion Illustration: 50 Essential Contemporary Artists by Ana de Izaguirre

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This fashion illustration anthology brings together the work of fifty contemporary artists, fashion designers and fashion illustrators. The book includes works by major figures in the industry such as Bil Donovan, Aurore de la Morinerie, Piet Paris, Daniel Egneus, Cecilia Carlstedt and Amelie Hegardt, as well as young talents who have burst onto the scene with great success. The book begins with a brief introduction about the history and evolution of fashion illustration, followed by a series chapters devoted to the featured artists. Each chapter includes a brief presentation of the artist's career and style, an interview with the artist that touches on subject matter, sources of inspiration, techniques, influences and images of their work. All of the artists are from different backgrounds and generations, a fact made clear in the selection of works representing highly diverse styles and techniques (abstraction, realism, expressionism, figurativeness), reflecting the different ways of interpreting fashion from the point of view of fine arts.
Binding: Hardback

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