Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengeance : Screaming for Vengeance by Judas Priest

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Celebrate 40 years of Screaming for Vengeance with the official graphic novel!Teaming with writersA?Rantz HoseleyA?(Comic Book Tattoo, the Heroin Diaries) andA?Neil KleidA?(Savor), and artistA?Christopher MittenA?(Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.), the multi-platinum selling Metal Gods bestow upon their generations of fans their first-ever graphic novel! 500 years from now, a ring of cities orbit high above the surface of a dead world, controlled by a ruling elite that maintains power through manipulation and brutality. When a naA_ve engineer inadvertently threatens the status quo with his vital scientific discovery?_? A BLOODSTONE... he is betrayed by those he trusted and cast out to the broken planet below.A? In the wreckage and desolation of a broken world where every day is a battle for survival, he must choose between accepting his new life in exile?_?or SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE.A?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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