Ariella Nyssa's Self-love Bible : Understand, love and celebrate the most important person in your life: you by Ariella Nyssa

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A beautiful and refreshingly helpful guide to what is achievable when you replace self-criticism and negative self-talk with a little TLC.'- Lillian Ahenkan (aka Flexmami), author of The Success ExperimentLearn how to love who you are from the inside out Ariella Nyssa has inspired hundreds of thousands of people with her personal story and message of body confidence. In this interactive guide, she shares her experiences and advice as she invites you to embark on your own journey of self-acceptance and positive change. Through insightful journalling prompts and self-care exercises, you'll discover: How to break free from comparison, shame and negative self-talk The secret to accepting and celebrating your body Which relationships to nurture and which to let go of Why forgiving yourself is more important than forgiving others How to support yourself with positive affirmations, healing rituals and more. Learn to trust yourself, uncover what really matters to you and celebrate your uniqueness because being 100 per cent yourself is the only way to unlock the potential of who you are truly meant to be.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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