This Hollow Land : Aspects of Norfolk Folklore by Peter Tolhurst

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First published in 2018 This Hollow Land was reprinted in 2021 due to popular demand. A third edition will be available shortly - please check website regularly for updates. For many the folklore of Norfolk consists of little more than the Swaffham Pedlar, Black Shuck and Babes in the Wood. Why is there such an apparent dearth of material? Were the old beliefs suppressed here more effectively by the new Puritan faith or, as Peter Tolhurst suggests, was it simply that Norfolk has had no folklore collector like Enid Porter in the Fens or George Ewart Evans in Suffolk?In this absorbing work, the first of its kind devoted entirely to the county, the author has unearthed a rich legacy of beliefs and customs once widespread in the Norfolk.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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