One Button Benny and the Dinosaur Dilemma by Alan Windram

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It's Friday and that means it's party time in robot town. Benny and his friends decide they need a bit more 'robot dancing'practice before the big night. They bounce and boogie, jump andtwirl then disaster strikes when they tumble into a huge sinkholeand come face to face with a large angry dinosaur, who is not happyabout being woken up. Will Benny have to press his 'Emergency Button'? Can they escapebeing crushed and eaten by the dinosaur?Will they make it back in time for the party?The third book in the award-winning picture bookseries. Benny and his robot friends are back with a fantastic new adventureand this time there is a very unhappy dinosaur to contend with. With beautiful retro-style illustrations by award-winning illustratorChloe Holwill-Hunter, this is a story about friendship, workingtogether, coping with problems and the uniqueness of us all asindividuals. Along with this wonderful picture book, you can download thespecially-written song and an audio book of the story.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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