Jehovah's Wind : A Jack Sangster Mystery by Lewis Hinton

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An investigator unwillingly thrown into the search for a missing teenager must try to thwart an obsessive man from exploiting captured Nazi technology to achieve a twisted ambition... It is the mid-summer of 1970, and Jack Sangster, special investigator for a philanthropic organisation dedicated to aiding troubled youngsters, and with a sleuthing talent for finding missing children, has been sent to a remote Dartmoor hotel, where a local boy has disappeared. Already suspicious that the government is taking too intense an interest in the case, Sangster only becomes more apprehensive when the boy's father, a scientist at a secretive nuclear facility, seems oddly indifferent to his son's disappearance. And as the case unfolds, this dilemma, a link to his own wartime past, as well as the evidence of his own eyes, all combine to conquer Sangster's natural cynicism and bring home the implications of a discovery that could literally 'change everything'.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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