Poetic Justice: Tyro by Fran Raya

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Randal Forbes calls his phenomenal telepathic powers 'the gift'. In the sixth book of the series, he welcomes the new millennium with his family and followers. His chosen daughter, and inheritress, Roxanne, is still at his side and just as powerful. His wife, Alison, and their children, Ryan and Amber, together with his lifelong protector, Clive Hargreaves, all remain steadfast in his life. Randal has 'dealt with' his magnetic, righteous rival, Carlton Flint. However, when Tyrone Pendle arrives on the scene, with a similar level of dark power, it's up to Randal to either tutor or remove him. Randal Forbes has a dark side so malevolent that only someone with the same 'gift' will be able to challenge him. Is Tyrone Pendle that formidable adversary?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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