The Seed Detective : Uncovering the Secret Histories of Remarkable Vegetables by Adam Alexander

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Radio 4'sA?The Food ProgrammeA?Book of the Year, chosen by Dan SaladinoAnA?Irish TimesA?Best Gardening Book 2023Shortlisted for the Garden Media Guild?_Ts Garden Book of the Year Award 2023Longlisted for The Art of Eating Prize 2023?_~If you?_Tre a vegetable growing addict or just curious about their origins, there?_Ts something for everyone in Adam?_Ts new book.?_TA?Rob Smith, TV presenter'[This book] is a clarion call to think about our food in new ways and carefully consider where it comes from.'A?New ScientistMeet the Indiana Jones of vegetables on his quest to save our heritage produce. Have you ever wondered how everyday staples such as peas, kale, asparagus,A?beans, squash and sweetcorn ended up on our plates? Well, so did Adam Alexander. Adam?_Ts passion for heritage vegetables was ignited when he tasted an unusual, sweet and fiery pepper while on a filmmaking project in Ukraine. Smitten by its flavour, he began to seek out local growers of old and near-forgotten varieties in aA?mission to bring home seeds to grow and share ?_" saving them from being lost forever. InA?The Seed Detective, Adam tells of his far flung (and closer to home) seed-hunting adventures and reveals the stories behind many of our everyday vegetable heroes. How the common garden pea was domesticated from three wild species over 8,500 years ago, that the first carrots originated in Afghanistan (and were actually purple or red in colour), how Egyptian priests considered it a crime to look at a fava bean and that the Romans were fanatical about asparagus. JoinA?The Seed DetectiveA?as he takes us on a journey that began when we left the life of hunter-gatherers to become farmers. Sharing storiesof globalisation, political intrigue, colonisation and serendipity, Adam shows us the vital part vegetables have played in our food story ?_" and how they are the key to our future. ?_~Informative, enlightening and entertaining but also important.?_TA?Mark Diacono?_~One of the most inspirational books I have encountered.?_TA?Darina Allen
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