Elton John: From The Inside by Ray Williams

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From The Inside is a thorough revised and expanded re-working of Hayward's previous books, Tin Pan Alley: The Rise of Elton John and From Tin Pan Alley to the Yellow Brick Road. From The Inside is not just an ordinary biography. It is effectively an oral history using interviews conducted over a fifteen-year period with just about every musician, producer, sound engineer, manager and key figure that worked with Reg Dwight, before and when he was Elton John, both in Britain and America, up to 1979. It is their story, From the Inside; how they contributed to the success of Sir Elton during that time, and how they played an unwitting part in his rise to fame. It is a collection of stories from the music makers, managers, executives and musicians that makes this book possible. They are the people who were there, observing what was going on and, in some cases, in close proximity to Sir Elton. It really is the story of those who still see him as an acquaintance or as a friend. It is the first time some of them have spoken out about their years working and sharing Sir Elton's life. Sadly, some of those contributors have passed now but their words and contributions live on in this book.
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