One Chance Dance by Efua Traore

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A heartwarming, exciting story of friendship, wonder and dance from Waterstones Prize-shortlisted author Efua TraorAc!A? Jomi?_Ts mum left when he was little to make a new life for them in Lagos, the city of dreams. When Jomi doesn?_Tt hear from her, he decides to follow. His only starting place is a TV dance competition that his mum used to love. Things go badly for the boy and his pet bushbaby, until he meets a crew of street kids. Together, they come up with a one-chance idea to find Jomi?_Ts mother ?_" and make their own dreams come true. A brand new novel full of joy and wonder by the author of Children of the Quicksands, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children?_Ts Book Prize Selected as The Times Children's Book of the Year 2023 A contemporary adventure of destiny, friendship and dance set in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria Jomi hopes to find his missing mum by dancing on a TV talent show in a story which offers emotional pull and a lot of fun! PRAISE FOR CHILDREN OF THE QUICKSANDS: ?_~A joy of a book: rich, warm, powerful storytelling?_T KATHERINE RUNDELL ?_~A thrilling adventure bright with the gorgeous colours of Nigeria ?_" glorious!?_T JASBINDER BILAN ?_~An excellent book ?_? rich in tradition and realism.?_T HANNAH GOLD ?_~[A] beautifully evoked story?_T THE TELEGRAPH
Binding: Paperback / softback

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