Sid Deeky Was My Friend : A portrait of the life of an expatriate during the early days in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1978 - 1985. by Ian Hunt

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Over the days and weeks that followed, it was difficult to keep up with changes as new roads and buildings sprouted up at an alarming rate; I have to say that most were positive changes, with oil revenues allocated to the various Five-Year plans. Ports would be expanded, hospitals and schools created, airports completely built from scratch, and then a plethora of new shopping centres to prevent us going short of anything!Sid Deeky was my Friend is a memoir recalling the days of expat life in Saudi Arabia between 1978-1985. From the daily rigour of port life to the sweeping deserts and hectic roads, Hunt's convivial recounting of his time at the Port of Jeddah covers a broad range of experiences, landscapes and interactions. Whether caught up in the daily drama of the port or cruising down Jeddah's Corniche Road in a signature Datsun, Hunt's account of expat life provides that sense of adventure which enticed so many members of Saudi Arabia's immigrant communities in the first place. Bright, poignant and occasionally tragic, this tale offers a window into expat life during an economic boom which utterly transformed the country - a transformation which would never have been possible without the immense effort of thousands of expats who migrated from Europe, Africa, the Americas and elsewhere in Asia in search of greater opportunities.
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