His Favourite Graves : The most electrifying, twisted and twisty thriller of the year! by Paul Cleave

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Desperate for reward money ?_" and to rescue his marriage ?_" an embattled sheriff takes incalculable risks to find a missing boy. An edge-of-your-seat, twisted and twisty thriller from New Zealand's King of Crime. A? `Moves at a furious pace, even as the walls close in ?_? everything you want from a thriller and it leaves you gaspingA'A?Helen Fields A? `Paul Cleave is an automatic must-read for meA'A?Lee Child A? ?_~Electrifying?_T Crime Monthly magazine A? ?_~Our sympathies to swing one way and then the other, and the final twist is clever?_T Literary Review A? _____________ A?To catch a killer?_?Maybe you've got to be one?_? A? Acacia Pines, USA. Sheriff Cohen's life is falling apart ?_" his father accidentally burned down the retirement home, his wife has moved out, and his son is bullying other kids at school. When high-school student, Lucas Connor, is abducted, Cohen sees a chance to get his life back on track ?_" to win back his wife and scoop the reward money offered for Lucas's safe return. A? But as the body count rises, it becomes clear that Cohen's going to have to make the kind of decision from which there's no coming back ?_? a decision with deadly consequences?_? A? A furiously paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller exposing the dark underbelly of small-town life,A?His Favourite GravesA?is also a twisted and twisty story of father-and-son relationships, and the one last gamble of a desperate man to save everything?_? A? _____________ A? `Uses words as lethal weaponsA'A?New York Times A?Praise for Paul Cleave A? `Cleave writes the kind of dark, intense thrillers that I never want to endA'A?Simon Kernick A? `A true page-turner filled with dread, rage, doubt and more twists than the Remutaka PassA'A?Linwood Barclay A? `Smart and twisty, this book will get under your skinA'A?Liz Nugent A? `Merits comparison with the work of Patricia HighsmithA'A?Publishers Weekly A? `The sense of dread builds unstoppablyA'A?Gilly Macmillan A? `Genuinely haunting and lingers in the memoryA'A?Daily Mail A? `Full of ideas and intelligenceA'A?Literary Review A? `A true page-turnerA'A?Guardian A? `Nerve-shredding'A?Crime Monthly A? `Tense, thrilling, touchingA'A?John Connolly A? `This very clever novel did my head in time and againA'A?Michael Robotham A? `This thriller is one to rememberA'A?New York Journal of Books
Binding: Paperback / softback

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