The Barbarossa Secret by Christopher Kerr

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From the darkest days of the Second World War comes an incredible story of a cover-up with staggering implications. The death of a man in Bavaria in 2020 is the first in a long line of dominos to fall as a journalist searches to uncover the truth of his family's very personal involvement in one of the greatest hidden episodes of the war. A highly secret pact is revealed between Nazi Germany and the Allies that few ever knew, could ever acknowledge, or even dare speak of. The journalist's investigation implicates governments, influential factions, and even royalty in an astounding disagreement at the heart of power triggering a major wartime constitutional crisis. His revelations are so dramatic that they will rock the foundations of present-day government and institutions, placing his own life at risk, as intelligence agencies seek to keep the information hidden. And they want to keep it hidden.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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