Axiom : One test. One serum. One truth. by Madison Rose

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Seventeen-year-old Amrey X has one fatal flaw. She can lie in a city forced to speak the truth. For 200 years, citizens of Axiom have been subjected to a truth serum. Forced to stand oath from the age of seven. And for 10 years Amrey has conformed. Until now. Things are changing. The Axiom Government has caught wind of an immune and will stop at nothing to hunt them down. Amrey must leave, but it will have a cost. Unsure who to trust, she finds herself drawn to a boy, whose wit and charm may be more of a distraction than she can handle. And when confronted by a figure of her past, Amrey must deal with a shocking truth she wasn't prepared for. And make a choice that could change everything.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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