Quick Keto Kitchen : Low-carb, fuss-free recipes for every day by Monya Kilian Palmer

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You might think that cooking keto is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Here, bestselling Keto cookbook author Monya Kilian Palmer shares a stunning collection of recipes that are low in carbs, full of flavour but also quick and easy to make. As well as fresh, light delights such as Chicken & Halloumi Salad with Spicy Coriander Dressing, there's a whole chapter of glorious keto comfort food, including Pork Belly Laksa and even a low-carb 'Carbonara', while those with a sweet tooth will be thrilled with Monya's Banano Bread Muffins and Instant Choco-Mint Cheesecakes. With clear instructions and fantastic flavour combinations, Monya has devised every single recipe to make it as fuss-free and delicious as possible.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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