Cinder & Ella by Lucia Soto

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While Cinder dreams of a girl with eyes the colour of the sea, Princess Ella longs for something she cannot yet imagine. When the two girls meet, their hearts are filled with joy, but what will happen when the clock strikes midnight? With one family being a source of encouragement, the other determined to crush all attempts at happiness, the odds are firmly stacked against our heroes. Yet with the power of love and strength, hope prevails. The result is a richly purposeful and inspirational, tale where girl meets girl and love faces adversity. Will Cinder and Ella find their happily ever after? PRAISE "A gorgeous retelling of everyone's favourite fairy tale. It's a delight to see that we all deserve a happily ever after." - Jodie Lancet-Grant, author of 'Pirate Mums' and 'The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures' "An uplifting, hopeful and inspiring LGBT fairy tale, celebrating feminism, strength and love." - James Mayhew, Children's Author and Illustrator
Binding: Paperback / softback

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