My Mummy is a Witch by Helena Garcia

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The magical moments between a mother and her daughter as some of the most treasured memories you'll make. But what if your mummy happens to be a witch? This wonderfully witchy story is a cauldron of utterly charming ingredients told through the eyes of a little witchling. From dandelion ice-scream to pumpkin perfume and cauldron baths, and best of all a mummy who can wake up the sun and make the stars shine. PRAISE"A touching tale about a mother and her little witchling" - The Daily Express "Adorable storytelling, beautiful illustrations. An instant 'Moon Lane Classic'." - Tamara Macfarlane, Founder of the multi-awardwinning Moon Lane bookshops in London and Kent "A beautiful celebration of nature, magic moments & mums that do things differently." - Through The Wardrobe bookshop
Binding: Hardback

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