Bowie Odyssey 73 by Simon Goddard

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Book by book, year by year, the ultimate literary trip through Bowie's greatest decade. It is 1973. David Bowie is finally a superstar. All he has to do to remain there is to keep pretending he's Ziggy Stardust, keep playing to thousands, keep selling to millions and keep on staying relatively sane ... As glam rock crashes and burns in a sleazy scandal-ridden Britain, a world tour convinces David to make radical changes with devastating consequences for Ziggy, his fans and his band. However, his planned 'retirement' is anything but quiet - now a friend of the Jaggers, with more lovers than he can count on one hand, more appetites than he can satisfy with one nose and still more success. But at what cost?Continuing his vivid real-time journey through the decade David changed pop forever, the fourth volume of the Bowie Odyssey series sees Simon Goddard mainline to the dark heart of Seventies sex, drugs and debauched rock'n'roll - a gripping, unsentimental portrait of inspiration, insanity and the thin line that divides. PRAISE FOR THE BOWIE ODYSSEY SERIES'My god, it's brilliant. A delicious romp.' MIKE SCOTT, THE WATERBOYS'The best book written about its subject... Stupendous.' CLASSIC ROCK'The wonderful Bowie Odyssey series ... Goddard's prose is like an all-seeing eye.' RECORD COLLECTOR'A full-on sensory immersion in Bowie's universe.' SUNDAY TIMES'It's as if we were there.' 4**** MOJO'Goddard's scintillating series... with its meticulous fact-checking and almost poetic prose, paints a beautifully written portrait that's almost as otherworldly as its subject... [it] strikes the perfect balance... granting us an all-access-areas pass to accompany Bowie to every gig, every engagement and to some of the most important moments in rock' 4*** Classic Pop
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