Sea Change : Save the Ocean by Tobias Hickey

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AA?collection of original postcards and messages from 50 illustrators across the world, working to celebrate and protect the precious life in our oceans. Each illustrator has provided an image of sea creatures, fishes or other sealife, with a message of inspiration to help point out the massive and imminent dangers climate change, pollution, over fishing and other human-led interventions are having on our oceans. The postcards are displayed under three headings: Celebrating the Ocean; The Danger to the Ocean; Take Action for the Ocean. The world-class illustrators include Axel Scheffler, Roger Mello, Barroux, Piet Grobler, Yuval Zommer, Petr HorA??_ek, Jackie Morris, Nicola Davies and Jane Ray. The 35 countries represented include; Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Fiji, France, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, \japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia,A? Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA.
Binding: Hardback

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