Time to Heal : Tales of a Country Doctor by Michael Dixon

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Time to Heal tells the story of the colourful life of a country doctor towards the end of his career. In turn shocking, sad and funny, they describe a doctor who feels poorly served by the conventional medicine of his time and finds new ways to relieve the suffering of his patients. This tale has a twist. Twenty-first century General Practice and its patients have been betrayed by top-heavy regulation, performance management and a blame culture. Young doctors no longer want to enter General Practice. The author explores why and how pandemics might provide the answers. 'A fascinating look into life as a village doctor, with observations so profound it seamlessly becomes a thesis on humanity as a species. The local GP, not only a potential lifesaver but also a constant and friend in these ever-changing, isolated times has never been more needed. A beautiful and moving book.' - Lady Sophie Windsor (nee Winkelman), Actress 'A wonderful book, full of fascinating, engaging and timely stories. Michael Dixon reminds us of the importance of human medicine and the way in which communities can create health. He concludes with a new vision for health which blends the best of the past with the latest technology and science - and which will help us cope better with future pandemics.' - Lord Nigel Crisp, Former Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health 'Time to Heal describes very human stories - entertaining, thought provoking, and eminently readable, whilst woven through the text is the insight that general practice is the human face of medicine.' - Sir Denis Pereira Gray, Former Chair and President, Royal College of General Practitioners
Binding: Paperback / softback

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