Magical Britain : 650 Enchanted and Mystical Sites - From healing wells and secret shrines to giants' strongholds and fairy glens by Rob Wildwood

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This richly illustrated guide to 650 places will appeal to those who want to explore Britain's lost animist landscape of fairies, folklore, myth and paganism. Discover pre-Christian healing shrines and Norse mythology. Learn where rock, water and hill spirits come alive, and their meaning for our ancestors, and for us today. > Where to find sites associated with fairies, mermaids, dragons, giants and other mythological beings> Places featured in the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and the Celtic Saints> Creation stories, spirits in the stone and entrances to the Otherworld> Places of healing, divination and wish-making> Secret shrines, sacred sites and ancient rituals> The Goddess in the land> Norse gods and mythology
Binding: Paperback / softback

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