Walking Brighton & Hove by Andrew Kershman

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The streets of Brighton and Hove have some incredible tales to tell. In eight unique walks you will visit the grave of the legendary Phoebe Hessel (who spent 17 years in the army disguised as a man and lived to be Brighton's oldest resident), learn about the remarkable rise and fall of Thomas Reed Kemp while exploring the area that bears his name and discover a plaque to Tom Sayers, who grew up in the slums of Brighton, to become the last great bare-knuckle boxing champion. On the Old Steine, find out about The Battle of Tar Tub, when the authorities attempted to stop Guy Fawkes night celebrations and visit a cafe in a former Art Deco tram shelter. With this book in hand you will visit Graham Greene's favourite pubs and pass the location of one of the notorious Trunk Murders of the 1930s to find out how one guilty man escaped justice. Walking Brighton & Hove will surprise both seasoned residents and first time visitors alike with the remarkable story of how two sleepy fishing villages became today's vibrant city. * 8 illustrated walks* details on the best cafes & pubs* information on local attractions, museums and galleries* maps - to help you navigate
Binding: Paperback / softback

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