Hope & Despair by Neil Findlay

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Is Scottish politics mired in a constitutional dogfight with no end in sight?Why has Scottish Labour failed to develop a radical and credible alternative to independence?Is it possible for a campaigning politician to make a difference?Can people power lead to positive change?Over the last few years, political campaigner and former Labour msp Neil Findlay kept a log of his time in the Scottish Parliament, a time which he describes as one of perpetual crisis and scandal. This book is my account of being an elected politician. My comments convey my feelings and emotions as events unfolded. If they cause upset to some, then so be it. I can only report the truth. There is little doubt the tectonic plates of Scottish politics are shifting. Is this a time of hope or of despair? Time will tell. As a socialist, I am an optimist and live in hope and have a belief that tomorrow will always be better than today.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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