No Worries If Not : A Funny(ish) Story of Growing Up Working Class and Queer by Soph Galustian

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No Worries If Not is a funny, relatable coming-of-age story, that explores Soph Galustian's experiences of poverty, queerness, mental health, grief and community. She recounts her life from childhood, to teens, into adulthood through a mixture of short stories, spoken word, illustrations, and space for the reader to reflect (or draw tits... whatever you prefer). This book is for anyone who was raised struggling, anyone who wrestled with coming out, who accidentally killed their childhood pet, who has lost the person closest to them... Filled with flashbacks to the 2000s/2010s, No Worries If Not is equally for the straights and the gays, the rich and disadvantaged. In this book Soph offers a space to reminisce and laugh at life's misfortunes. A comedy writing star of the future, Soph Galustian's debut book No Worries if Not is a must read!
Binding: Hardback

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