Letters to Penweth by Neal Moss

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"That evening he dipped his pen into the black ink and wrote to his mother. Thomas had finally decided to plan his return to Penweth."Though to many Penweth is just another farm, to those who live and work there, it is a family home. Surrounded upon three sides by the mesmeric sea, it sits hunkered down upon a Cornish headland; it belongs there, as do its inhabitants. But things are changing for the family at Penweth. While his sister, Mary, sees a bright future for herself on the farm, Thomas, who is not yet a man but neither in boyhood, is tormented by two loves, his family and the sea. With Thomas threatening to throw his sister's plans into disarray, and wider changes occurring that risk altering their peaceful lives forever, will the family's unconditional love for one another, tested and strained to the limit, still be given without hesitation?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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