For Murder Press 3 : A Benedict Aberthorp Mystery Book One by P.M.A. Hayes

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A phone call from the anxious husband of a murdered woman brings Private Investigator, Benedict Aberthorp, into the sinister world of his first murder case. When his new client tells Benedict he is the police's prime suspect, Benedict agrees to help him. But what is the significance of his new client's brown raincoat? And why was a similar one found at the murder scene?When Benedict starts interviewing those close to the murdered woman, he suspects they all have secrets they are keeping from him. And before he can get anywhere, he needs to find out what those secrets are. A murder mystery with many layers and motives. What are they all hiding and who has the most to gain by the victim's death?Revenge, love, past hurts, jealousy - all have their part to play in this dark, catalytic whodunnit. But Benedict Aberthorp, the truth gatherer, does not give in easily.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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