Artifice of Eternity, The : A Novel by Aaron H Arm

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War. Corruption. Overpopulation. Climate change. When Earth reaches a tipping point, the world's wealthiest man decides to reboot civilization on another habitable planet. Deemed "Project Exodus," the voyage includes 4,000 like-minded colonists, a political manifesto, and all the resources they can fit on their ship. But traversing the stars and establishing the first permanent colony on a new planet is merely the first step. The real challenge lies in their attempt at a sustainable utopia. The story spans three generations of colonists on planet Eden, from the first settlers of Project Exodus to the native-born and their own progeny. With each new generation comes an existential threat to their way of life, and one family always finds itself at the center of conflict. Meanwhile, an otherworldly figure lurks in the recesses of time and space, slowly working toward its own designs. The Artifice of Eternity is a sweeping science fiction narrative with elements of mystery, psychological fiction, and political commentary interspersed with media documents from Earth's past. It is an insightful appraisal of humanity's enduring pursuit to escape human nature.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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