Introducing You to Your Own Perfection : A Guide to Walking the Path to Peace with Our Inner Guru by Akash Sky

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Introducing You to Your Own Perfection is aimed at the reader who has an interest in transforming their self-awareness to gain inner love, peace and joy at every moment of their life. Working with the world-famous universal spiritual teaching called A Course in Miracles, we become mindful of who we are. Are you a body? Are you an accumulation of experience and past thoughts? Are you a person independent from everything and everyone in this world? In this book, self-aware author Akash Sky continuously investigates the individual we think we are. The conclusion is that as we dissolve our personal identity we arrive at a state of nothingness, which is the beginning of pure existence. This knowing unites us with love's presence and covers us in peace. Sky shows us that through understanding what we are, what our origin is and where we are now, we can arrive back to our natural joyous state of mind by holy forgiveness with the higher self. Introducing You to Your Own Perfection offers an open discussion about self-realisation, with enjoyable analogies presented throughout.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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