Never Come Back to Earth Again by Ben Wood

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Do you feel different from others, your soul knowing that there is more to yourself than your emotions, thoughts, your pain?Ben Wood's spiritual guide is for healing yourself, finding inner freedom by learning to love yourself unconditionally. The inner transformation within this book is for souls who are ready to heal their energy bodies from this lifetime and many past incarnations here on earth. You will be drawn to this book for the next chapter in your life to become free and whole within, the real you shall emerge. Never Come Back to Earth Again examines an energy called 'the pain frequency', explaining this in detail as well as exploring how to move through it and dissolve the heavy energies in your body that hold you back so you can see things in a new light. You'll learn to love yourself unconditionally, accepting yourself for all your beautiful qualities. Dissolving your conditioned character and finding self-realisation. You are ready to heal, balance, and never come back to earth again.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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