Broom and Twig by Alan Lorenzini

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The woods were filled with the sounds of spring, but something was different. It wasn't anything you would notice straight away, but there was definitely something that wasn't quite right. If you walked along the ordinary looking path that meandered its way into the shadows under the trees you might not notice that the butterflies were ignoring the flowers. You might not notice that all the leaves were pointing in the same direction. You might not even notice that the woodpecker that had been happily tapping away a moment ago was now silent. Its beak held shut by two wooden fingers poking out of a crack in a willow tree. Somewhere between the world we see and the world we don't see, Pakwa and Ibuyan offer their precious wood so that it can be enchanted and returned. The people who freely accept these gifts are affected and connected in extraordinary ways... but at what expense?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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