Blackmail : A completely unputdownable gripping and gritty crime thriller by Heather Burnside

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A DEVASTATING ATTACK. Beth is walking her dog in a secluded wooded area around Manchester, when she's viciously attacked. After fighting the man off, she gets away with her life, but is left with a horrifying secret. A LOVER'S BETRAYAL. As Beth moves on from her trauma with new husband Brady, she seems a happy, successful career girl. But he senses she is harbouring something dark... And when the truth is finally revealed, Brady blackmails Beth into bankruptcy. A CHANCE TO FIGHT BACK. When Beth meets wealthy crime boss Martin, he sets her up in business, dotes on her and gives her everything she wants. But Beth is plotting revenge on the man who tried to ruin her... Will her plan come together? Or, this time, will she lose everything for good?Blackmail is the new standalone gangland thriller from Heather Burnside, author of the Working Girls series, that's perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Martina Cole and Emma Tallon. Readers can't stop talking about Blackmail:'What a great read by Heather Burnside as usual!... Keeps you enthralled to the last pages.' Netgalley Reviewer, *****'A great book, has twists and turns, its exciting and i couldnt put it down, highley recommend.' Netgalley Reviewer, *****'I read this book in one day. I absolutely could not put it down... This book will absolutely captivate you.' Netgalley Reviewer, *****'Another brilliant book by this author. Page turner gritty read in one evening.' Netgalley Reviewer, *****'Another exciting read from this author... brilliant can't wait to see if there's another one in the series.' Netgalley Reviewer, *****'I very much enjoyed this book a very good author and read... a very good addictive read.' Netgalley Reviewer, *****
Binding: Paperback / softback

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