The Last Commandment by Scott Shepherd

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A transatlantic serial killer thriller with a twist of Biblical proportions. Christmas in London: a period of joy and togetherness. Not for Metropolitan Police Commander Austin Grant, though. Three dead bodies have turned up on his patch, and the only thing they have in common is a number carved into their foreheads. With the victims including a professor of ancient mythology, a sculptor of curious idols, and lead vocalist of The Blasphemers. It seems the killer is meting out their own version of Biblical justice, punishing those who transgress the Ten Commandments. With seven commandments left, Grant puts the Met's best detectives on the case. But soon enough, a fourth victim turns up. In New York City. It appears Grant has a transatlantic manhunt on his hands. Can he stop this terrifying zealot before they strike again?Reviews for The Last Commandment:'Gory but gripping.' Daily Mail 'An enthralling mystery.' Karin Slaughter 'A gem of a thriller, not to be missed.' Michael Koryta 'A real corker.' Booklist 'A riveting and wondrously satisfying thriller.' May Cobb 'Ingeniously constructed and breathlessly told... Scott Shepherd at his gripping best.' Charles Ardai
Binding: Paperback / softback

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