Diablo Mesa by Lincoln Child

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New York Times bestselling authors Preston & Child return with their new thriller featuring fan favourites Nora Kelly and Corrie Swanson. When a billionaire invites her to lead his excavation of the infamous Roswell landing site, Nora Kelly, now jobless, reluctantly agrees to visit. When preliminary scans of the area reveal a suspected Native American burial site, Nora takes a closer look. But this is no indigenous burial site. It's a crime scene. Nora uncovers two dead bodies, one with a bullet hole in its skull. Dead bodies mean this is a case for the FBI, and Nora knows just the person to investigate: Special Agent Corrie Swanson. As Corrie and Nora dig deeper into the mystery, they will uncover more questions than answers. And the truth they seek will be even stranger than the conspiracy it hides behind... Reviewers on Diablo Mesa:'Down-to-earth action tackles an otherworldly mystery in this devilishly plausible yarn.' Kirkus
Binding: Paperback / softback

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