Crow by Nicola Skinner

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New girl Hattie hopes a scarecrow will protect her den at school, but soon Crow is taking his job far too seriously and Hattie's chances of making any friends are being ruined ?_? A darkly comic tale from acclaimed author Nicola Skinner. When lonely Hattie feels out of place at her new school, she creates a scarecrow ?_" Crow. Hattie wants him to guard the den she finds in the playground, the only place she feels happy and comfortable. Poor Crow really just wants to have fun with the other children, but he takes his job for Hattie very seriously and his behaviour starts to get scarier and scarier. Will Hattie realise that Crow is ruining her chance to make new friends before it?_Ts too late?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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