Paper World: Human Body by Gail Armstrong

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A one-of-a-kind paper-cut book where science comes to life!PAPER WORLD: HUMAN BODY uses ingenious paper cuts to reveal the wonders of the human body, from lifting the lid on your brain, to following the journey of a single bite of food!With detailed art by paper-cut artist Gail Armstrong, a fact-packed text, and flaps and die-cuts on every spread, this unique novelty book for children 7 plus will surely appeal to all the family. CONTENTS: Organs & Systems; Skeleton & Muscles; Heart & Lungs; Digestive System; Digestive Organs; The Senses; The Brain; Reproductive System; Growth of a Baby; GlossaryThe PAPER WORLD series has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide!Also available:Paper World: SpacePaper World: Planet Earth
Binding: Hardback

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