Made in Spain : A Shopper's Guide to Artisans and Their Crafts by Region by Meredith Suzanne

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A distinctive, sumptuous, and informative guide to the craftspeople and artisans of Spain, with a focus on ceramics, paper, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, textiles, and shoes. A celebration of artisanal craft, Made in Spain pulls back the veil on the little known independent and hand-made crafts people and artisans in the different regions of Spain. Each chapter includes color photographs that take readers on a tour of a Spanish city or region, including Barcelona & Catalunya, Balearic Island, Valencia, Madrid, the Basque region, Galicia, and Andalucia, to meet the artists and artisans who make clothing, jewelry, shoes, ceramics, paper goods, and textiles.
Binding: Hardback

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