Humble Pie On Track : Every Album, Every Song by Robert Day-Webb

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The hard-rocking British supergroup was fronted by Steve Marriott, possessor of what is generally regarded as one of the finest ever rock and blue-eyed soul voices. They achieved global success in the early 1970s and earned themselves a reputation as one of the best live bands of the era. As fate would have it, however, this enormous success was to be short-lived and the group initially disbanded in 1975. There were to be subsequent reformations and reunions, but the heady days of the early 1970s were not to be repeated. Ultimately, rock music history books have tended to somewhat overlook the band in favour of some of their contemporaries - the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Faces, Free and Bad Company - but Humble Pie's influence on the rock and metal bands that followed in their wake cannot be denied. This book examines all of Humble Pie's recorded output in detail - album by album, track by track - covering every chapter of the band's musical story, from the early carefree and democratic days of genre experimentation through to their halcyon period of hard-rocking R&B. The various subsequent reformations and reunions are also covered in detail, bringing the band's story bang up-to-date in the 21st century. Ultimately, this detailed guide offers fans, old and new alike, a fully comprehensive look at the band's musical legacy.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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