Martini : More Than 30 Classic and Modern Recipes for the Iconic Cocktail by Keli Rivers

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Extend your cocktail repertoire with 30 tantalizing classic and contemporary martini recipes. There is nothing more satisfying than that first sip of a crisp, cold martini. In this book, David T. Smith and Keli Rivers guide you on an exhilarating journey through all things 'martini', showcasing all the exciting places that the iconic cocktail can take you. You'll find everything from classics like the Dirty Martini and Vesper, to more avant garde combinations that demonstrate sensational possibilities, alongside seasonal treats. Contemporary recipes include the Appletini and Espresso Martini, while more experimental creations make the most of less typical spirits and flavours, allowing you to indulge in the Rum Martini and the Mezcal Martini. The recipes provide opportunities for everyone so whether you prefer yours shaken or stirred, grab your finest spirits and let the experts show you the very best of the martini!
Binding: Hardback

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