Memoirs of a Mask Maker by Kathryn Graven

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How does a 5-year old girl navigate deep loss after a tragic car accident leaves her motherless? Charting a life-long process of sifting through grief and rediscovering hope, Memoirs of a Mask Maker honors the women who stepped in to help the girl stitch together a beautiful life-a grandmother, a neighbor and a pharmacist in Japan... Years later, when the global pandemic forced Kathryn Graven and everyone else inside, she responded by sewing hundreds of colorful masks for family, friends local mail carriers, friendly and not-so friendly neighbors, teachers, nurses and complete strangers. Each one included a note of encouragement as she discovered that making masks required not only artistic skills but re-learning how to tend grief and reclaim joy. Now, as global society faces immeasurable individual and collective grief, these lessons are gathered for a new crop of motherless daughters facing grief, and to begin a new conversation with readers about how we gather our tears and mend the tears.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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