Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have : And Why the Washing-Up Matters by Joanna Harrison

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Marvellous first aid for couples' Susie Orbach'Good advice on how to navigate those tricky arguments' Mariella FrostrupIf you feel like you have the same arguments with your partner over and over again ... you may be right. And you're not alone: Joanna Harrison believes there are five distinct issues that all couples have to work through if they are going to have a healthy, functioning relationship. Grounded in her experience as a couple therapist, she asks us to think about the difficulties we all have in our relationships - from how we communicate to what roles we take on and much more. Using sound advice and relatable case studies, she offers practical ideas and imaginative ways to think about ourselves and our partners. Kind, funny and rooted in real life, this is expert advice that anyone can use - and that everyone in a relationship needs.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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