The Chimney Sweep's Sister : A gripping, romantic Victorian saga from the bestselling author by Emma Hornby

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A brand-new page-turning Victorian saga from the bestselling and RNA shortlisted author. Orphaned Jenny and her chimney sweep brother Noah eke out life in a cellar dwelling in the heart of the slums. Noah is the main breadwinner, but he is treated horribly by his master. Worried for her brother's safety and health, Jenny resolves to put her talent for singing to good use and begins trawling the low inns and taverns at night entertaining the punters. When she catches the attention of a music hall manager and is offered a spot on the stage, it seems like a dream come true. But her newfound success can't include her brother. Will Jenny choose Noah over the bright lights of the theatre? And will he want her to?Readers love Emma Hornby's gritty and gripping thrillers:'Emma Hornby has done it again, with her brilliant storytelling... A big thank you to Emma' ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ 'What an excellent read... Emma Hornby writes some wonderful stories and this one hits the mark' ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ 'A heartbreakingly good read... Very worthy five stars and more from me it's a must read' ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ 'I do love to read Emma Hornby's books they are so atmospheric and draw you into the story from start to finish and make you want more. Excellent' ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ 'Wow, what a book. Its such an emotional roller-coaster... I devoured this in one sitting' ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_ ?-_
Binding: Hardback

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